EMSA Register Dll Tool

EMSA Register Dll Tool 1.2

EMSA Register Dll Tool offers information about dll, ocx and exe files
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EMSA Register Dll Tool is a computer program designed to offer information about dll, ocx and exe files, and provide support for registration of ActiveX dll, ocx and exe files.
The interface of this tool is very neat and user-friendly that is organized in three main sections: Reg & Tool File Info, File Comparison and Options & Help.

The first section is used whenever the user needs to obtain detailed information about the file types mentioned above. Once a file has been selected, the tool will display an extensive report on the respective file, providing such pieces of information as company name, file description, legal copyright, type and subtype, etc.

The second section, File Comparison, allows users to compare two ActiveX files. The steps to follow are very simple: users need to import two ActiveX files and the tool will automatically present information about their characteristics. Therefore, users will be able to see the TypeLib name, the GUID (i.e.a unique reference number), whether the file is registered or not, as well as the registration path.

The third section will allow users to enable or disable shell extensions. If the shell extensions option is enabled, users will be able to obtain an ActiveX report for files in a folder by right-clicking on the respective folder and by selecting "ActiveX Report" option form the drop down list.

All in all, EMSA Register Dll Tool is a useful tool for anyone who needs detailed information for ActveX files. The tool fits its purpose through its handy functions and user-friendly interface.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Register/unregister ActiveX files
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